Working Together

Shadowklan members always work together, whether we are hunting creatures, defending our territory, or battling our enemies.

We join together as a Horde to hunt fearsome beasts, to raid and subdue enemy territory, and to explore. Our Horde Trips are led by our wargoth, Nobs, and other trip leaders.

We always observe discipline. This means that we always listen to Nobs and trip leaders, and always follow their commands. Those who harm the Klan by acting unruly and selfish may be disciplined by the Nobs, including being demoted or kicked out of the Klan until they learn better behavior. Horde or group leaders also have the final say on grouping with any non-alliance Midgardians.

Always remember that our power comes from the combined strength of our Alliance working in unison towards common goals. Never turn away another Alliance member. If eight members are hunting together and a ninth shows up, split into two groups to accommodate the newcomer. 

Make sure to always let group or trip leaders know your status if you are coming to meet the group or if you need to leave. If you need to log in a short while, but the group is still klomping, it is always a good idea to give them a heads up "mih hab to slihb in ash'krak tiks" or something similar. All members are important to the horde, your leaving may alter the group makeup and the leaders game plan may need to be adjusted. In link dead situations both parties should do what they can to regroup if safe and possible. The party does not have to stop and should not spend more then 2-3 minutes if they do hold position before moving on.

Cross-Alliance Ranks

Often times the members from both guilds of the Alliance will be working together. When forces are combined, ranks carry over for the purpose of giving orders or facilitating certain activities. For matters of discipline, those will be handled by the offenders guild officers. So if five Shadowklan Grundurz and one Dvergar Nob were klomping together, the senior in charge is the Dvergar Nob. If there was an issue with one of the five Grundurz that needed disciplinary action, then the Dvergar Nob would inform Shadowklan Nobs and they would handle the rest from there.


When adventuring within a group or on a Horde trip, need will always be the primary requirement for requesting an item. The item also must be appropriate for your rank. Pomdungs and Gundhosh members may request or roll on an item that is under level 35 only, providing no Grundurz/Gundurz member wants it. If a commited member wants the item then the needs of the commited member(s) outweigh that of the uncommited Pomdu or Grundhosh. If needed a /random 100 will determine which Pomdung/Grundhosh or Grundurz/Gundurz rank and higher will recieve the item. Any unrequested items are to be put in the vaults where other members and kousins may use it.


Horde Trips

A huge Horde of kobolds is powerful when it works together as a unit, and running with the Horde can be an amazing experience for all. However, it is a big challenge for even an experienced and talented trip leader to manage a huge number of kobolds, so make the trip leader's job easier and follow these Horde Rules.

When the Horde is gathering together and organizing into groups,

  • Make sure to be on time. Late arrivals create delay for everyone. If you have a distance to travel to the meeting place, make sure to allow extra time in case you get killed on the way.
  • Form groups according to the leader's orders. Each leader has his own way of organizing groups, so listen carefully and follow orders. When group formation proceeds in an orderly manner, the trip can start much more quickly.

While the Horde Trip is underway,

  • Pay attention to everything said by the trip leader and immediately follow his commands. Keep an eye on him at all times and make sure you see where he's going every time he moves.
  • Don't attack without orders. Allow the trip leader to coordinate the group's attacks.
  • Use communication channels wisely. Use the chat group for the trip, not guild chat. Don't clutter up the chat group. Don't use all-caps, it distracts people from hearing the raid leader. Use /say or /yell for singing, cheering, otherwise making merry, or threatening piinkis.
  • If you die, /send the trip leader. Don't pester him. Send him a quick "Mih flat at such-and-such-place." Make sure you include where you died. This is the best way to make sure the trip leader knows somebody died.
  • Be patient and understanding if you died and are waiting to be resurrected, or you are separated from the group and waiting for them to come get you.
  • Finally, let the designated leader lead the trip, even if the leader is not high rank, or you don't like the way he is leading. It's better to follow a so-so leader than to confuse everybody with who to listen to. Don't start second guessing the leader and saying that he's wrong, and don't try to co-lead unless the leader asks you specifically to do so. If the leader is doing something very wrong, /send him a message to let him know.

Level and experience are not required to lead a trip, the clan encourages initiative. If you want to give feedback about how a Horde Trip was organized and led, feel free to send a Nob a private message after the trip. Avoid posting negative, unconstructive comments on the boards.

Restrictive klomps

Generally we try to keep klomps as open to all members as possible. From time to time though, there will be klomps that will have certain requirements. These may be level based such as a capped level or a minimum level to join. They also may involve having a particular expansion enabled or other requirements. If you are unable to meet one of these requirements please take a moment to understand why and remain calm. There are always a variety of trips going on with the Horde, if you are unable to make one, you most likely will be able to make the next one!