The Wargoth is the supreme leader of all klannurs while they are in the field. The Wargoth is the top Field General of the klan and has more authority then Nobs when operations are under way. They of course must remain within the rules of Shadowklan but all orders a Wargoth issues must be followed to the fullest. Promotion to the position of Wargoth involves a unique set of trials testing their personal skills and their ability to lead the Horde. From time to time the klan will invoke the ritual of the Wargoth Klomp. This ceremony is open to all ranks and involves singles combat and the Wargoth trials themselves. The event ends in the newly chosen Wargoth leading the Horde on a mission decided by them. Often times important announcements are given or promotions may be declared. Wargoth candidates need not be level 50 or "krakity" to declare their intent to compete for the position.
  • Must be Grundurz rank or higher
  • Strong leadership skills required
  • Must commit to leading one trip per week

You can identify Wargoths by the fact that they are completely covered in black