Unfortunately due to the nature of the guild, not all new members are able to find their way within the klan. From time to time incidents, series of behaviors or betrayal will come to pass and the Nobs will be forced to take action. Nobs will always do their best to work with situations and give additional guidance to assist the klannur on finding their fit. Sometimes it takes just a little extra work to turn a borderline klannur into one of the best. However, other times things do not work out and action must be taken. Many times this consequence is the result of leaving the klan for another guild after Grund rank, misusing klan assets, consistently breaking character, being abusive or disrespectful to fellow klannurs. Traitors will be branded by the klan and ejected from the guild (if not already out). No future character will be allowed into the guild or to any official Shadowclan branch. They may try to sneak back in, but mark my words, the smell of the traitor always gives them away in the end.

  • Publicly declare them a "traitor of the klan" on sight.

  • Insult the traitor in character and in good taste, do not be abusive.

  • Do not knowingly assist, aide, trade or intervene on behalf of the traitor.

  • Do not allow them in any Shadowklan groups.

  • Immediately leave any non-Shadowklan group you are working with if a traitor is invited.

Enemy Guilds

Any guild who harbors a traitor, consistently disrespects us or dishonors themselves in the eyes of the klan will be declared an enemy of Shadowklan. We will only work with them indirectly when large realm raids force us to walk the same ground as we accomplish tasks important for the realm. Good examples of this exception would be taking keeps, slaying epic beasts or any other mass group interactions. We will never partner up or aide them in smaller group situations. In the civilized areas, no economic dealings will take place with any enemy guild.

Due to the environmental setup of the classic servers we are unable to take further action against traitors or enemies of the klan. If things we're slightly different, we would surely klomp them on sight, make sure to remind them of that!