The Grundurz Test

How can I join the Grundurz and become a Grund?

You must be at least Dub'Futh rank (level 24) and pass the Grund Test.

What is the Grund Test?

The Grund Test is the rite of passage for entering the rank of Grundurz. We test your readiness, and if you are ready, we give you the opportunity to make a solemn oath to the Klan and become a Grund.

When am I ready to take a Grund Test?

You can take a Grund Test as soon as you are Dub'Futh rank (level 24) or older. If you are new to the Klan, you may want to wait until you are a little more familiar with Klan rules and culture, but don't wait too long. You should take your Grund test  no later then the time you are gakh'futh rank (level 34).

Once I am ready, how can I take the test?

Listen for an upcoming test to be announced in the Klan blah (/gu) channel. Do not harass testers by asking in a tell to be tested; simply wait for an announcement.

When a test is announced, contact the tester right away in /send so that they can add you to the test. Tests are given in /chat groups, so if you are in a chat group already, you will need to leave it first (using the /cg leave command) so that you can be added to the chat group for the test.

How can I do well on the Grund test?

Pay attention and follow directions. Try not to put yourself in a situation where you will be distracted by fighting or other conversations. You may want to find a hiding place or go to a safe city during the test.

Why didn't I pass my Grund Test?

There are a number of possible reasons for someone not to pass: not displaying adequate knowledge, not paying attention, not following directions, not being present during part of the test (if you are having linkdeaths or crashes), or having trouble communicating. You don't have to have perfect language skills to pass, but you need to be able to express yourself and understand others.

What do I do if I don't pass?

You can take the test again! Just listen for another Grund Test to be announced. But first, make sure to address the reason you didn't pass the first time, so that you make sure to pass when you take it again.

If I have more than one character in Shadowklan, does each one have to take the test?

Yes, you must take the test with every one of your characters who becomes eligible. Each character is treated as an individual, and has his own individual journey through the various ranks and tribes in the Klan. We don't keep track of people's alts, and frankly, we don't even want to know!

I've been waiting to get tested, but I haven't heard a test announced. What should I do?

While you are levels 24-34, you should be actively listening on the alliance chat channel for Grund Tests.

If you have not taken your test and you are about to go over level 34, turn /xp off immediately and contact a Nob to be tested.

If you are having trouble finding a Nob in game make sure to go to the blah boards and post that you need to be tested along with the following information:

  • your character's name in game
  • your character's current level
  • what hours you will be in game for the next couple of days