Pomdung rank (called pomdus) have just emerged from the underground to join Shadowklan on the surface. Pomdung ranks are devoted to helping the new members adapt to the surface. This rank honors Pomdung Ronkdug, the first kobold of Shadowklan to scout the surface for our invasion. Pomdung is believed to have been eaten by Njessi the sea monster. 

Due to often being in a confused state having recently emerged from underground, pomdus are considered lower in the chain of command than anyone else in Shadowklan, and should listen to what Grunds and all higher ranks instruct them to do.

This is the rank for all members new to Shadowklan.

  • Minimum level to join: 1
  • Maximum level to join: 20
  • Maximum level: 34
  • Probationary member

Members of the Pomdung rank wear all dark brown.  If you can not afford dark brown, use brown or, if necessary, light brown.