Nubmog is a punishment rank. The good news is you're still in the klan, the bad news is you've just wound up in the penalty box. This rank is not often used, it's use is also temporary, one way, or the other. Typically the promotion to Nubmog is after some sort of emotional outburst that has gone over the line. The Nubmog rank can hear Alliance and Guild chat but can no longer speak in those channels. You will also find some places harder to get in to and some things unusable. The first thing to do if this happens is calm down. Step away for a moment, grab a sydur and remember this is supposed to be fun! After emotions have subsided, calmly speak with a Nob and work to resolve the issue.
  • speaking out of character
  • overly upset
  • being verbally abusive
  • committing mischievous acts

You will know a Nubmog by /gc who rank only.