Nobs are the key leaders of the klan. They are only outranked by the Klangoth or the Wargoth (while in the field). Shadowklan Nobs are hand selected by the Klangoth based on their leadership, demeanor and history of activities in and out of game. Nobs are responsible for managing klan resources, inviting new members, promoting new members, resolving internal or external issues and disciplining members when needed. Nobs reinforce our rules and help those learning to understand the rules better.If you ever have questions or concerns and are not sure what to do, make sure to contact a Nob as they are there to help. Nobs are very experienced klan members and are to be obeyed at all times. Nobs are not to be questioned or disagreed with. If you don't understand why a Nob is ordering something, trust in their experience and do what they require. As with all klannurs, you should always treat Nobs with the utmost respect.
  • Leadership skills
  • Calm decision maker
  • Dedicated
  • Strong communication skills
  • Consistent on-line pressence

You can identify Nobs by their dark brown uniform, dark grey Grundurz boots and their black Nob gloves.