As you can see, Shadowklan is not your average guild. You will notice there are a lot of details involved in becoming a Shadowklan member. It is recommended to take a little time learning about the different aspects of being in the klan. At first it can seem like there is a lot to learn. What most find is that once you understand the core concepts, the rest will fall into place at a quick pace. Learning to interact within the klan is a journey, make sure to be patient and not rush things in or out of game.

Why do we do what we do? We strive to not only enhance our own gaming experience, but to make an impact to the cluster population around us. We are the human actors in the spook house adding one more dimension to the environment in game. Because of that, we have many rules that must be followed to ensure the consistency of our actions.

Make sure to speak up often in the Blah Boards and if any questions just ask there or a Nob in game. The Shadowklan rule set applies equally to all ranks, from Pomdung to Klangoth, all must operate within the boundaries specified. From time to time you may receive advice from a Nob or elder member, keep in mind they are always trying to assist you in being the best klannur you can be. Shadowklan helps Shadowklan and we act as a family here. Make sure to respect all players in the guild, everyone is important in the Horde.