In Shadowklan we work together to ensure the strength of the Horde.You may not always get what you want but you will get what you need. We are not about flashy equipment or personal greed here. If you do not have the shiniis for what you need, the maykurs will still make things for you. All items and money are considered to be the property of the klan. We fund our crafters by donations and special klomps intended to gain resources for the maykurs. As you mature, make sure to donate what you can and participate in maykurs klomps. Everything comes full circle in Shadowklan.

When you need equipment or services of a maykur the best route is to post online in the maykur forums. This gives many different maykurs the chance to see your needs and make arrangements to assist you. You can also find a maykur in game. Make sure to listen in the Alliance chat as maykurs often advertise their services openly there. You can also find an alliance crafter by using the /who Shadowklan and /who Dvergar commands. If you are having problems finding a crafter make sure to contact any Maykur Goth or Nob. You can also try the Maykur Search.

The maximum quality for players 45+ is 99% and the maximum requested quality for below 45 is 98%. Granted you may get lucky and get that masterpiece item at 45+ and you will often get an item above 98% under level 45. Keep in mind, spellcrafting imbue points are no longer dependant on item quality.  Crafters have the right to make substitute recipes if less expensive items meet or exceed the item you are requesting. A good example of this is making arcanium pansarkedja chain (AF 90) which is cheaper then netherium starkakedja chain (AF 88) for a level 40. 

Requests for masterpiece items are not allowed. If they happen along the way, great, enjoy them! The resources and time required to purposely create a masterpiece can quickly spiral out of control. Masterpiece requests often place a unacceptable burden on our coffers and the clicking fingers of our makers.

Make sure to respect the crafter's time and thank them for their services. Be patient and realize they are here to have fun also. Makers also appreciate random conversation and being included in activities away from their craft like klomping things!

Becoming a Maykur

Anyone is allowed to craft in Shadowklan, however only those that have chosen the maykur path are allowed to use /webdisplay trade or receive klan funds. If you are interested in mayking for the klan you should contact the Maykur Goth about becoming an Apprentice Maykur as soon as possible and do not rank any of your primary maykurin skills past 600. The secondary skills, such as woodworking or clothworking, do not count for this and may be as high as you'd like. We are only interested in the primary skills, such as Armorcrafting, Fletching, etc. Once you have established yourself as an Apprentice Maykur you may request to go thru the process of being promoted. To be promoted to Maykur you must have at least 450 skill in your primary skill trade and pass the Maykur Test. If you prefer to hold a non-maykur rank this is fine as long as you work with the Maykur Goth and got thru the process. An example of this would be if a Elder Grundurz wanted to be a maykur, as long as they followed the process the player would be allowed full maykur rights while retaining the displayed title of Elder Grundurz.


Your efforts, as titled maykurs, lend heavily to the success and happiness of the klan around you. In many ways you are the heart and soul of our operations as a Horde. With that, comes the responsibility of sharing your skills openly and keeping the klans best interests in mind when you craft. We thank you for your efforts and appreciate all you do.

As you create the things needed by your fellow klan members, make sure to look for ways to maximize klan resources. You have the right to change recipes or adjust excessive quantities at any time. In these situations it is best to inform the member what you are doing and why you are doing it. 

You are allowed to craft for pinkiis who are in good standing if you wish, but you must openly remain in character and make a healthy profit for the klan. You may NOT craft for enemy guilds or traitors regardless of the profit margin. It is a good idea with pinkiis to /send them an Out Of Character (OOC) message to clarify what services they are looking for. This will ensure you both understand the request and the price. Pinkiis may not request masterpieces or goods that require limited klan resources such as special drops. Klan member requests will always take priority over pinkii orders.

Klan members who wish to embark on the path of mayking ranks are encouraged to contact a Maykur Goth or a Nob of the klan. The process of being promoted to the different ranks of crafting will entail meeting certain requirements and possessing a solid understanding of their craft. The art of crafting within the klan is much more then just prowess in a particular trade skill. It also requires openly sharing these services with your klan mates and managing the effectiveness of klan shiniis.