Maykur Goth

The Maykur Goth is responsible for overseeing all crafting operations of the klan. They also manage the distribution of klan resources to the maykurs of the klan. The Maykur Goth works to maximize the the number and type of crafters required in equipping the Horde. They also serve as an advisor to the Maykurs and Apprentice Maykurs when they have questions or are looking for advice. The Maykur Goth keeps an eye out for new talent in crafting. They also handle evaluations and promotions of the junior maykur ranks. Maykur Goths may enable guild buffs and claim keeps if a Nob is not awake to perform these tasks. The Maykur Goth is an appointed position.
  • Strong knowledge of trade skills
  • One or more LGM crafters
  • Good resource management
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Long history of equipping klan members

Maykur Goths wear dark brown armor with dark dray Grundurz boots, dark gray gloves and a dark grey chestplate.