Maykurs play a huge roll in the success of the klan. Your skills can have a major impact on the overall effectiveness of the Horde. Official klan Maykurs are eligible for direct handling of klan resources. They strive to meet requests and advertise their services in game and in the forums. They are to be respected and appreciated for all of the hard work they do keeping klannurs equipped. They also like to get out and klomp once in a while, so make sure to invite them along! To become a Maykur the Apprentice Maykur must petition a Maykur Goth and apply for testing. The applicant must then pass the test and swear his oath of service to the klan. 
  • Former Apprentice Maykur
  • Minimum skill 450 to join
  • No maximum skill ceiling
  • Proven record of crafting for the klan in game and in forums
  • Regularly crafts for fellow klannurs
  • Solid knowledge of trade
  • Manage resources effectively
  • Good communication skills

Maykurs are identifiable by their dark brown armor with dark gray Grundurz boots and dark gray gloves. This paint configuration is also utilized by the Elder Grundurz rank. If needed, use the /gc who command to confirm.