Grundurz members (called grunds) are the members of Shadowklan who, no longer unfamiliar with the surface world, are focusing on survival and becoming stronger. Grunds actively seek to make members of the clan stronger through battle. This rank honors Grundurz Globuurz, who, while alone engaging a svartalf in battle, was killed by a band of wandering (non-Dvergar) dwarves. The Grundurz are the heart of the klans fighting force. They are the body and the focused strength of the Horde. They are committed members of the klan who have sworn their oath for all to hear.
  • Minimum level to join: 24
  • Maximum level: None
  • Former pomdung
  • Pass Grund Test
  • Commit to Shadowklan
  • Full member of the klan

Grundurz members wear all dark brown, except for dark gray Grundurz boots.