Last Names & Families

Do I have to get my last name approved before I go to the registrar?

YES. You MUST get your last name approved by a Nob BEFORE you go to the name registrar and get your name. No exceptions!

What does a last name represent in the Clan?

Your last name is your family name, representing the family of kobolds you belong to. A family may have a special history (like being the first to emerge from the underground) or special characteristics (like having red hair, or being great warriors). All kobolds in a family share the same family name.

When can I take a last name?

You must be a Grund to begin seeking approval for your last name. Pomdungs may not take last names.

Do I have to take a last name?

No. You can remain without a family for as long as you like.

How can I find out about existing families within the Clan?

Family stories are posted on our Onomastics message board. If you are looking to join a family, start there to read the stories posted by the heads of the families.

How can I join an existing family and take their family name?

You MUST first get permission from that family. Some families accept people right away, while others might want to get to know you better first, or even give you a quest to carry out to prove your worth. Once you get permission from the family, contact any Nob to get final approval.

How can I start a new family?

You MUST have a Nob approve the new family and its name.

To seek approval for a new family, write a description of your family and post it on the Onomastics message board. Do not ask for family name approval in tells in game.

Your description does not need to be long, but should answer the following questions:

  • Will your family be open only to a particular subset of classes or specialization paths?
  • Does your family have a special appearance such as hair color or facial characteristics?
  • What would you like people to know about your family and its history?
  • How open will you be to accepting new members into your family?

The proposed name for your family must be based on Old Kobold vocabulary. Kobold families treasure their ancient origins from deep in the underground, so all family names are in the old language.

What does that mean, "based on Old Kobold"?

The new family name should incorporate at least one word from the Old Kobold vocabulary list, and preferably should consist of a combination of words from the list. The name must NOT sound like a human word or phrase.

Here are some examples:

Bugduzugh (call to the mountain pass)
Talanuut (above the sky)
Gunduurzhai (stony people)
Gundobglob (fool made of stone)
Gimbubtak (will find them)
Fauthubnarkuu (will never lie hidden)
Krithduumpu (nine dooms)
Nuutghaash (sky-fire)
Dublugu (two towers)
Snagathrakurz (slave-bringers)
Throquuk (devour all)
Moglug (tower voice)

Skah! This sounds hard! How can I get help picking a name for my kobold family?

Others in the Klan will be glad to help you come up with names! If you have an idea of your family and what you want your family name to mean, post your ideas on the Onomastics message board, and others can help you try to "translate" it into Kobold.