We Expect of Members

Be sure to familiarize yourself with all sections of the Member Guide. The Klan operates very differently from other guilds and it will definitely help to know how things work! Make sure to particularly focus on the rule sections to avoid any situations as you learn the ways of the klan.

Members must be in-character at all times.  The only exception is /send which can be OOC if necessary. You may not blah “pinkii blah” in any other chat type. Being in-character is easy and has two parts - language and behavior.

The Kobold language is described in our language sections, make sure to study this and put it into practice. If you have questions please contact a Nob or any senior member and they can assist or if needed practice with you a bit. Learning the language comes much faster then one would think! Make sure to print out a copy and keep it next to your computer for quick reference.

Shadowclan behavior means being extremely helpful to Shadowclan members and suspicious of non-Shadowclan or non-Dvergar players. If there are no appropriate alliance members to group with while you are logged in, then you may group with other Midgard players following the guidelines laid out in the Rules of Interaction (RoI) in the members guide.  

You should never let other people play your klan characters. Shadowklan characters are also only for use within the Shadowklan rule set.

Personal characters, including any in the klan, must remain completely separate at all times. Examples: Your klannur would not use the house of a pinkii character you had on the cluster. No resources or private information would be passed from a non-klan character to a klan character and vice versa. If you have one klannur that is a Nob, but are currently playing your Pomdung character, you must act accordingly and individually as the Pomdung. You would never take action, of rank or race, of a character you are not actively playing at the moment. It is important to maintain a unique identity between your characters. 

Playing two characters at one time is acceptable only if certain requirements are met. Both characters must be responsive to any direct conversations or interactions and should both be acted out as unique individuals. All characters must be referred to, in and out of game, respectfully as individuals. It is also required to play these characters solo occasionally to build their individual personality.

Please contact a Nob in game or offline to arrange for testing and induction of your new Kobold immediately on creation. As with any Shadowclan guild, you must join with your new character as soon as feasible; we do not accept pre-existing characters or those with any significant /played time.

Members must follow the chain of command.

Members must adhere to rules on Surnames.

Members must dye armor appropriately.

Members must try to not ruin the fun of others. Be respectful of fellow players both in and out of the Shadowklan and Dvergar.

Members must never intentionally break the Terms of Service of the game or exploit bugs.

Members never go /anon unless given express permission by a Nob.

Members who have committed their character to the Shadowklan must keep their character in the guild. Characters that quit the guild after making the commitment are branded traitors and not welcome into any Shadowclan branch from that day forth.