Uniforms and Equipment

Shadowklan uniform is by rank, and aids in visually identifying most Shadowklan ranks in the klan. Refer to Ranks section for details and specific uniform colors.

  • Shadowklan members are expected to be in uniform at all times. 
  • Blok colors are optional, dark brown or dark gray (Grundurz rank or higher for dark gray option).
  • Colored quest items or dropped items must be dyed the correct color before they are worn.
  • No robes are allowed.
  • We do not emblemize any of our equipment.

Our uniform rules are in effect all the time, even when you have just acquired a new item. For example, if you receive a blue cloak from a quest, or pick up green dropped boots, you cannot wear the item until it has been correctly dyed. It is a good idea to carry an extra vial of dye so that you can be prepared for the next time you pick up a colored item.

Market Explorer

If a klannur is unable to obtain certain reasonable equipment within klan resources, they may look for it on the Market Explorer. Before doing so evaluate your situation carefully, make sure the equipment you are looking for is truly needed and the cost is reasonable. If you are unsure of the need or the price of the item, consult a Nob. You do not want to show up for a trip with overpriced items and have the Nobs find out! Do Not ask fellow klanmates for funds to purchase from pinkii merchants. You are not allowed to purchase from enemy guilds. You may only acquire goods from a non-alliance party that is in good standing via a porch merchants. To dishonor yourself by handing klan shiniis to a pinkii, eye to eye, dishonors all of us. We are the superior race and must show no weakness to the inferior bloodlines of Midgard.


All klannurs, providing they have they have accumulated the resources, donated to Maykurs along the way and meet the proper rank can purchase rank 35 horses (250g) . Do Not ask other players, Nobs, or post in the boards for shiniis to get them if you do not have enough saved. Do not short change donating to Maykurs during the time of your purchase to save money for the horse. Maykurs work hard getting you the things you need and the klan works hard with trips to obtain seals and other resources to fund these Maykurs.

To Purchase the 45+ (1 plat) chestnut horse you must first get approval from a Nob. These horses are expensive and the needs of the many must be weighed into this decision. As long as you gain approval, have donated to Maykurs in good faith and have taken the time to gain the resources, you will get your new mount. Higher cost horses (above 1 plat) are not allowed for purchase.


Shadowklan members do NOT purchase huts of their own. Only the klan huts at Kobotown are to be used. Specific klan members have been chosen to serve as care takers of some of these huts due to game limitations. All huts in Kobotown are considered to be property of the Alliance.

Shadowklan Property   

The Shadowklan economy works differently from other guilds you may have encountered.

  • All money and items are property of the Klan as a whole, not the individual. The gold in your pocket and the equipment on your back all belongs to Shadowklan collectively, and must always remain in Shadowklan.
  • Shadowklan members may not give items to anyone outside the Klan, even their friends or their own non-clan alts. All Shadowklan money and equipment stays within the Klan. If an item is worn out or no one in the Clan can use it, give it to a Clan crafter for salvage.
  • Shadowklan Maykurs are able to craft for pinkiis for a healthy profit only. Nobs are able to sell surplus items to players outside of the klan via a porch merchant. These profits go towards funding klan needs. Surplus items must be items that most klannurs have no use for (i.e. a mauler class item drops) or something we have too many of.
  • Shadowklan members do not charge other Klan members for hand me downs or dropped items, or ask for items in exchange. Give your old things freely to others in the Klan who can use them. If you can not find a player to use your old things make sure to put items above level 30 back into the vaults for distribution.
  • Shadowklan members do not accumulate wealth, since all funds belong to the Klan. Make sure your excess money and supplies are handed over either to Klan Maykurs or to a Nob who can then distribute it appropriately.