Elder Grundurz

Elder Grundurz are veteran Grundurz who have a long and proven track record within the klan. They are selected by the Nobs and approved by the Klangoth. There is no application to this rank. They have extended abilities within the klan allowing them to invite new players, activate guild buffs and claim keeps if a Nob is not awake to perform these tasks. These are the squad leaders of the klan. If you have an issue and no Nobs are available please contact an Elder Grund for assistance. 
  • Expert Knowledge of Shadowklan
  • Significant time of service
  • Good communication skills
  • Dedicated member

Elder Grundurz are identifiable by their dark brown armor with dark gray Grundurz boots and dark gray gloves. This paint configuration is also utilized by the Maykur rank. If needed, use the /gc who command to confirm.