The sons of Bor fashioned the world from Ymir's flesh but of Ymir's heart they knew nothing. Deep in the flesh which became the world, the heart of Ymir became a vast cavernous underground world filled with strange and wondrous creatures. At the center of the caverns was the place called Spindelhalla. It was there, that in the walls of Ymir's heart, the dwarves grew. From the pools of richest blood came forth the kobolds, fierce blue skinned creatures. The dark cavernous world was harsh and many of both races went mad.  

When the Aesir learned of these races, they sought them out and taught them many things. But the Aesir also learned the art of runes, smithing, and gemcrafting from the dvergar and kobolds. It was during an audience with Odin that Motsognir first saw a kobold. This kobold, Znogbug, was father of the kobolds and their lord. They had both come to Odin on behalf of their people. Loki the trickster was causing the madness amongst their races. Slowly their numbers were dwindling. So Odin, gave them curing magic and knowledge to keep the madness away. 

Motsognir and Znogbug became friends, hunting together and sharing the arts of their people. Over time, the two races claimed the lands below the earth as their own. During one hunt, they went down a tunnel none had seen before. This led them to a terrible place: the halls of the frost giants. Znogbug slew their prince and the frost giants became their dire enemies on that day and they have made war upon the alliance ever since. Motsognir swore his own curse upon the giants and upheld his friendship with Znogbug. Since that day, the two races have forever shared the same destiny.