Rules of Appropriate Blah

Appropriate Use of Blah Boards (message boards)

  • Think before you post, if you are upset make sure to take some time to calm down before you posting. 
  • Be careful with sarcasm, when someone reads your post keep in mind they can not see the look on your face or hear the tone of your voice. 
  • Do not cross post. Post only once, in the most appropriate forum.
  • No personal attacks or flaming. Be respectful of fellow players both in and out of Shadowklan.
  • Make sure to stay active in the forums, trips and many ideas are discussed there. The forum community is an important part of maintaining a happy and healthy Horde.

Appropriate Use of Klan Blah (alliance chat, /as or guild chat /gu) 

  • Due to the Alliance between Shadowklan and the Dvergar it is important to utilize the alliance chat instead of the guild chat. Make sure to set a tab for it and changing the color of the text to something unique is recommended. Shadowklan alliance chat is used differently from other guilds, so be sure to read the following guidelines carefully. Also remember that Shadowklan alliance chat must be kept in character at all times.
  • Members abusing klan chat may be temporarily muted (lose chat privileges).

DO NOT do the following things on alliance chat:

  • Do not use ALL CAPS on guild chat. All-caps on guild chat is reserved for Nobs and leaders of large raids, and even then only for important announcements or emergencies. 
  • Do not discuss anything out of character (OOC) over guild chat, such as realm points, item stats, specialization points, experience points, amount of damage done, and the like. Even if you are using kobo blah, discussion that is OOC in content is forbidden in all channels except /send. Take all OOC discussions to /send or the message boards.

Here is what you SHOULD use alliance chat for:

  • Greeting the Klan. Say "Ug" when you log on, and "Gug'yu" when you log off.
  • Greeting new Kobolds or Dvergar. Say "Hoowah" and "Ug" to new members who just joined.
  • Cheering. Cheer for people being promoted or for other happy news.
  • Friendly banter with others in the Clan who are not in your area or group. However, don't get into an argument on guild chat.
  • Occasional questions. Try asking in /send first, but if the people you're asking in /send can't seem to answer, you may ask on /gu. Remember however that you can't ask OOC questions on /gu, such as questions about points or stats.
  • Significant in-character achievements such as attaining a level or being able to craft a new type of material. Note that realm points are not in-character.
  • General announcements. If anyone is welcome to join a group or raid that is forming to go hunt, broadcast the announcement on /as. Be specific. Tell where you are going, and who they should contact if they want to come along.
  • Chat or Battle group announcements. Leaders of large trip chat groups may periodically announce that people should contact them to be added to the chat group.
  • Crafter announcements, such as announcing that you are in Jordheim ready to make equipment. Crafters should also make sure to use /setwho trade while they are actively crafting, so that everyone can see them in the /gc who listing.

Appropriate Use of group chat

  • Must remain in character at all times even in a mixed (non alliance) group situation.
  • It is ok to drag and drop items to the group chat window to display item stats to find them a new home. This is not allowed in guild or alliance chat.

If you are having difficulty communicating in character with fellow allies or non-allies make sure to use /send if you need to break character.