Apprentice Maykur

This is the first step in the path to becoming an official klan Maykur. Young crafters who wish to take this path should contact a Maykur Goth to discuss the details. Promotion is proceeded by a short test to ensure the candidate has a solid basic understanding of trade skills and intends to openly craft for their klan mates. Once progressing to this rank the player will be entitles to receive limited resources and will be considered in a probationary status. During this phase it is important to hone and share your trade to the best of your abilities. Craft for youngers as often as you can, this will be very important to the step of becoming an official Maykur. This character must turn on /webdisplay trade at time of promotion. Do not raise your primary skill over 600 before talking to the Maykur Goth if you want to join the ranks of the Apprentice Maykurs.
  • Minimum of Grundurz rank to join
  • Good understanding of crating
  • Intends to actively craft for fellow klan members
  • Minimum skill of 300 to join
  • Maximum skill of 600 to join

Apprentice Maykurs wear dark brown on their armor with dark gray Grundurz boots (same scheme as Grundurz), /gc who will display the characters rank.