Shadowklan Kobolds

Emerging from the underground depths below the earth
the Kobold Horde of Shadowklan arrives
establishing a nation of kobolds
restoring rightful rule of the ancient lands

    What Shadowklan is About

Wanting to make an alternate character?  Shadowclan is originally a guild for alternate characters (Ultima Online 1997 "Lets all make orc characters") and here on Midgard Bossiney the branch is designed to be a great guild for alternate characters, offering an alternative style of playing the game that you rarely find in other guilds.


** This guild is an official Shadowclan branch, the name on Ector is spelled "Shadowklan" due to the name "Shadowclan" being taken already on the cluster. On Lamorak, Albion, it seems some pinkiis decided to steal our name! We hope to see them in the field to take our revenge for this atrocity! Hoowah the true Shadowclan!